Fringe Workshops

Our fringe sessions run through the lunch break and offer the opportunity to hear short quick-fire sessions from organisations and individuals that are working hard to improve sustainable investing and progress the industry.

Day 1 13:00 - 13:10

From ‘more, more, more’ to ‘again, and again, and again’

Predicting growth in circular business models, legislation that is driving business to rethink their linear models, the environmental impacts of refill and reuse products and services, and how organisations can drive change in this space.

Day 1  13:10 - 13:20

Restoring nature to the UK has thus far proved the most elusive challenge to our society. For the first time, we now have the mechanisms to fuse ecosystem restoration at scale, with delivering viable financial returns for landowners and investors. This ‘moral wild capital’ opportunity must be seized upon if we are to restore the amazing wildlife that our country once had – and revitalise our rural economies in the process. Julian Matthews, Founder & Managing Director of Real Wild Estates – the UK’s only specialised ecosystem restoration business – explain how restoring marginal land to nature is not only profitable, and the right thing to do, but offers investors sustainable investment and natural capital opportunities based on a stable commodity investment - UK real estate.

Day 2 12:50 - 13:00

Supporting investment solutions that help deliver the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the climate transition

Day 2 13:00 - 13:10

Emma Thomson will provide a walk-through of Global Canopy's new guidance for pension funds, published in partnership with Make My Money Matter and Systemiq, highlighting the key steps to addressing deforestation risk and the opportunities for pension funds to drive change.

Day 2 13:10 - 13:20

A framework to help investors prepare and protect their portfolios if climate risks re-price faster, and with greater magnitude, than the market expects.