Bigger, bolder, more beautiful



As asset managers, we have a responsibility to help the world transition to a more sustainable future. In order to make a significant positive impact, there needs to be engagement with carbon-intensive sectors and low ESG-scoring corporates in order to assist them in improving their corporate practises. This is more impactful coming from a bigger asset manager.

In this session, we will explain the benefits of our inclusionary approach to sustainable investing. Innovating and being bolder, will help to unlock opportunities for clients & for society as a whole:

  • Historically Emerging Market Debt has been challenging to access in a sustainable way, we will discuss how it has recently become the epicentre of ESG improvement and climate transition and how we are leaders in this space
  • Biodiversity is vital in the fight against climate change; investing in Natural Capital is a way to promote this.

We will discuss the reasons why we are the first large scale asset manager aiming to make natural capital a mainstream asset class We will discuss why in this space you need to be bigger and bolder in order to make the world more beautiful

Head of Emerging Market Debt
HSBC Asset Management
Head of IFA Distribution, UK
HSBC Asset Management