The natural evolution of sustainable finance and investing amid today’s ESG Landscape



Since the launch of the first socially responsible funds and the coining of the word “Impact” investing in 2005, sustainable finance has undergone a massive transformation, driven by investors’ access to more ESG disclosure by companies and data sources, the emergence of regulations, and financial innovation to deliver investment solutions aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Jens Peers will highlight a few of the market developments, including investors’ challenges to align with the Paris Agreement goals, new regulatory environment, and Mirova’s key initiatives over the last few months. We will cover biodiversity as a core research topic, the impact of regulations on markets and investors’ portfolios, as well as the imperative of targeting dual performance objectives and implementing performance-based corporate engagement policies in light of the increasing number of Net-Zero commitments.

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
Mirova US