Friday 25 June 2021

Day 4 is focused on areas including how asset managers and fund selectors can engage, influence and make a meaningful contribution to ESG outcomes.

Registered delegates will get access to the entire Festival so please do feel free to take a look at all of the agendas. While we hope you will be able to attend as many sessions as possible, we understand that you are busy professionals so you are welcome to attend as much as time allows. The platform we are using to host the digital event allows you to easily log in and out of the event.

Festival welcome

Opening welcome and interview remarks with Peter Harrison, Chief Executive, Schroders.

Introductory comments
Engagement and disclosure on workforce practices - the role of responsible investing to influence positive outcomes

Investors can do more to move companies in a direction that benefits workers, as well as business and the societies in which they operate. In this keynote address Catherine outlines the challenges and provides recommendations for investors to better engage investee companies on workforce practices.

In conversation with: How can asset managers and fund selectors engage, influence and make a meaningful contribution to ESG outcomes?

Examining engagement on climate change, pushing for greater corporate responsibility and addressing the ‘S’ in ESG.

In conversation with: Making a measurable positive impact with Europe's ESG leaders

European companies have historically led other markets when it comes to sustainability practices, but how does the region stack up in today’s world where greater emphasis is being placed on environmental impact and social good? In this session, Vincent and Jonathan will discuss the current opportunity set for sustainable investors across Europe and debate the role that integrated ESG analysis and active engagement can play in protecting and enhancing long-term investment returns.

Seeking outperformance and sustainable outcomes

The Federated Hermes Sustainable Global Equity strategy, the first in our pipeline of sustainable-labelled strategies, seeks to deliver superior financial returns alongside positive environmental and social outcomes. Join Martin Todd, CFA, Portfolio Manager, to find out how the investment team have developed a product which combines the best ideas from across our equity investment teams, within a clear framework that addresses four sustainability themes: environmental preservation, social inclusion, health & wellbeing and efficient products & resource usage. This actively managed, high-conviction strategy offers exposure to game-changing technologies, sustainable leaders within industries and companies transitioning towards sustainable activities.

Panel discussion: Incorporating diversity and inclusion in the investment decision making process

Examining how forward-thinking fund selectors are incorporating diversity and inclusion into their ESG investment strategies, influence on the fund selection process, the pressures they can bring on companies to effectively implement diversity & inclusion policies, what can be done to educate clients on the connection between social issues and the impact on investment, and how you can challenge and improve your own firm’s performance on diversity balance and inclusion.

Panel discussion: An insider’s view on sustainable investing
  • What are the biggest opportunities / challenges fund managers are facing?
  • Where would they like to see improvements in the industry?
  • Where are clients on this journey?
  • Where do companies need to step things up?
Sustainability from a value perspective

With 2021 seeing value strategies rise to the fore, the question of whether you can invest sustainably whilst still being a value investor is becoming increasingly prevalent. In this workshop Roberta Barr, Head of ESG for the Global Value Team at Schroders will give an introduction of how they invest sustainably, with a positive social and environmental impact, whilst still remaining true to value.

Keynote: Shifting the focus of the ‘s’ in ESG - What this means for investors

Assessing social impact funds and their role in portfolios.

Managing BILLIONS in Sustainable

In season 3 of the TV series BILLIONS, Hedge Fund Manager Bobby Axelrod is faced with having to open his books and share his positions with a competitor. When asked about the prospect of a competitor copying his ideas, he assuredly remarks “A lot of guys watch Bruce Lee movies. Doesn’t mean they can do karate”. What about fund managers who have been successfully managing sustainable funds for well over a decade? Can they be so confident? In this session, Mike Fox explores why it is a lot harder than it looks to create a successful sustainable strategy.

CEO Insight: How are frontrunners in asset management supporting and promoting the transition to a sustainable economy and inclusive society?

A discussion to examine the role and approaches of asset managers for effectuating real change and impact on diversity, climate change and the sustainable economy.

  • What can asset managers do to drive real sustainable and societal change?
  • How can positive impact be measured and demonstrated?
  • What does the investment industry still need to be better at and how can we get there?
Closing remarks